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C. Gateway ApS

From Copenhagen, Denmark


Discover Unlimited Beauty

Denmark, apart from the little mermaid and Nyhavn’s beautiful houses, what do you know about Denmark? 

C. Gateway ApS took the adventage of reforming the life-style travel after Covid-19 world pandemic in 2020. We are no-longer forcus on large sightseeing groups but more focus on smaller size and compect indivdual travellers (FITs) with more themed travel demands. Just like our name, we are a gateway of creativity in tourism. 

Travel with us, and we will show you the deeper meaning of life-style travel. We will show you a real nothern part of the world. Join in us and explore Nordic countries from an out-door perspective. Get in touch with local people, feel how they feel, eat what they eat, and see what they see. 

We undersatnd the meaning of travel and let us also show you too!

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